What happens when you invite a few friends round for a bit of a bar-be-que, take a look below

Group photo of good times, the seisunta was off in full swing, thought I'd get a group pic while the people were still able to stand!!

WARNING: ****Picture contains graphic images****

Donika enjoying a puff on his pipe and some frog lovin

Contrary to belief this is not a clip from father ted or deliverance

I just threw this in to remind T of a night he was workin late

I'd love to know what song Shane and George are singing

"i'm tellin ya its that long, ah ha but look at mine"

Dan's delighted he's got a lift, and doesn't care where its going

I may look surprised but i was waitin for that all night, i really was

Girls in green having a great time

I hope thats a white russian and not a glass of milk

Here we have an example a man's need for a can of Heineken

I solved the question as to how the curtains ended up being stuffed into the wardrobe

You don't have to be in Oz to put a few tinny's on the barbie

Morning after the night before and here's the hangover cure