well mike what do ya reckon of this baby!!
i managed to get a set of alloys. I thought at first i went a bit o.t.t. But they are kinda growing on me now.

i know it may look good on the outside but underneath its a slightly different story, take a look!

if you haven't guessed its an exhaust problem, (that fuzzy word is meant to be engine) i heard a bit of knocking anytime i went over a bump, i thought it was a shock, so i carried on. Two weeks later it was still knocking, i said i'd investigate! Turns out the exhaust going into the silencer is completely rusted away!!

the top pic shows where the exhaust is at present, the second pic (just above)shows where it should be!! The silencer is sort of hangin independent of the anything else. The only thing its doing now is making a banging clanking sound. Its about as useful as central heating in an igloo