The following is a series of pictures that show the recreation of caseys filling station/shop.

sorry about the quality of the picture or lack of it!
it was taken from a moving fiesta on a very wet and windy day (typical roscommon day)

Well mike have you guessed where it is yet?? I'll give you a hint, check out the sign on the roof

yes this is indeed casey's shop, well half of it anyway. They've moved the shop from the left hand side into porto cabins on the right hand side. Some people never even noticed the missing shop sure it was only the size of maybe 4 arctic lorries, easily missed.
there's some serious devo going down. I'll keep ye posted
(you missed out there mike ideal job for ya, steel fixing and a bit of the fuel injection on the side, you could have kept all side going!! Nice.

*** pictures taken 28th january 2005 ***

even though your not there mike they seem to be gettin on great guns. This is a view from the fiesta if you were coming from the hospital down to the roundabout (ye know it well). Theres some bit of stale going up there.

this is a view (from the fiesta) as if you were standing in front of the garage on the mart road. Supermacs had advertisement in the champion lookin for staff already, (send me an email lads and i'll throw in your cv's if ye want)

the picture above was taken on the 3rd feb 2005, as you can see are as busy as ever. They flew it up with that wall. It only took them maybe a day plus maybe a half one (that's half a day not half a whiskey!!)

this is taken on the 15th feb, couldn't get a chance to get any before then. They are gonna put two automatic car washes in it somewhere (the auld bike needs it bad)

this picture was taken about a month after the previous on on the 10th march. They've come along way baby! Picture is abit hazy (fiesty had dirty windows!!) but you can see the flashing is going on along the roof

also taken on the 10th but from the other side. See the fella with the hi-vis and the mixer, that could have been you jim, total mixing going on there. The car wash has been put in, its on the right but you can't see it in the picture.

taken on the 23rd mar another damp and dreary day who'd have thought even in roscommon! As you can see its fairly taking shape. Most of the plastering is done bar some at the front, a bit of a doorway going up there. I think theres even some glass up in that front section.

taken the same day as the previous pic theres abit more to do on this side. Looks like another doorway over on this side also. No excuse for not being able to go in!!.

not much change on the 29th. They've started diggin round the outside of the building, must be taking up the tarmacadam and puttin in new paving

the 7th april sees the first coat of paint on the gable end of the shop, they are still digging round about the area, rumor has it the deadline is the end of the month, the push is on, any sign of ya comin on board mike give them a dig out??!!

its the 22nd april and there are a few main beams going up, two weeks have transformed the site, most of the outside of the building has been painted and the site well tidied up

this is a really cool feature pictured here on the 25th april. It bridges the new shop with the roof of the petrol pumps forecourt. It'll keep the rain off rob's head!!

same day as the previous pic just on the other side of the building, you can just about see the supermacs sign thats up over the doorway into the restaurant

the man himself rob here on the 26th overseeing everything. He got some shock when he heard me blowing and then and camera flash right in his face!!

and finally the opening day is upon us, here it stands in all its glory. The centra shop is taking up most of the space you can go between the shop and restaurant without leaving the building its pretty cool inside. You can see the drivethru on the right, where the silver bmw is, is where you collect the food

the other side on opening day, the buntin is out and all!!