I've decided to invest in some stock, not the stock exchange but in actual stock!
what do ya reckon of the fine beasts below, you can get a great price for them in the slaughter house seemingly they taste like chicken.

i was tipping along nicely along by the mart road in good old fiesty, there was a bit of traffic not too bad (it is roscommon), next thing out walks a feckin elephant out over the path and onto the grass verge, as you would, i said "oh.... Theres an elephant". They weren't even tied to anything just walking along as they usually do in roscommon.

The next day the circus brought them down to what used to be naughtons shop (its now g&h) for a bit of a wash (caseys havent the carwashes open just yet) myself and james (in the grey jumper) said we'd take a closer look.

and then even a closer look.

the flash of the camera sent the animal wild and tearing off down the road and causing mayhem in caseys*

*Fabracated information (lies) but the pic is cool!!