Hallo Everybody!! These are the first batch of the Kentucky photo's. i plan to get maybe three batches but i may have more cause i have to go though more photos yet. Anyways these lot are from the first couple of days and nights of a totally mental holiday. I'll take this opertunity to say hello too all the fine folks we met during our Derby Days, big thanks to you all and cheers for puttin up with us AAAAAAAARRRRRRRGGGGGGGHHHHHHH

Would you like some donuts?? this was breakfast first day, you couldn't ask for a better start to a holiday!!

This was the Pirates breakfast on the first morning 1.75 liters of Captain Morgan!!

Churchill Downs - home of the Kentucky Derby (and ours for the following three days)

Doug, Dan the Pirate, Pat, Dan, John and Laura all with beers in the infield, this is more or less it for the rest of the day!

How is it that John always manages to get surrounded by all the lovely ladies??

This is the reason John bought the paint brushes and few pots of orange paint

Many people have asked me "how is Dan related to Pat" Well after days of back breaking, mind numbing, alcohal influenced research, we found the link - Both of them can do this...

Who's gonna ride those wild horses - Not exactly wild but John has the lamh in just for relief

We were thinkin of bringin this pot home, but John reckoned he wouldn't have enough room in it for cans of paint for a days work

WARNING!!! WARNING!!! Hazardous Material ask the sewer system in Pats house

Day 2 in the Derby infield, John has the mic out and is attracting some fun loving folks.