Right so then what now, And we're off again with the second instalment of the Kentucky highjinks, Not sure what day these were taken or who actually took them but almost positive they were mostly taken in the state of Kentucky and i'm nearly sure i was there!

Two more victims of John's radio antics, My god how is John going to carry on being a Radio Jock under these conditions

This is Pre-Derby Day two i think! its amazing how foggy the memory goes. It could have something to do with that bottle there on the left side of the picture, that is the makings of a Bloody Mary!

Still in Pats house Derby morning Day Two, Good to see everyone has a drink in their hand (they didn't need much encouragement!!)

On a wing and a prayer! he had the wings, we needed a prayer to make it through the rest of the day!

Pat goes to the jacks and comes out like this, still holding his drink (i hope its his drink) The Pirate has the hand that'll shock the world

This is a view of a big Alien hunting satellite dish as you can see there are alot of keen alien hunters in Louisville

Well suppose this picture speaks for its self

And so does this!

John has big Lamh's when compared to a 4ft tall chinese girls hands

Leaving Churchill Downs was cool, the cops on horse's barricaded the roads, dan has fond memories of this