Finally the last instalment of the derby pictures 2005, it seems like a good while since all this happen but I cant wait to do it all again, Enjoy!!!

Last day leaving Churchill Downs people were piling out of the place way up beyond the hill!

Guess who's finger? Please post to the guestbook your thoughts!!

Pat's in his usual hillbilly ataire, the tash is the business not sure bout the hair

ah ya thats much better fit for that toupee

Not sure what he's at here as you can see it was still bright outside, could it be the over indulgence of malted beverages?

Britches are down!! (not the 1st or only time) Dan's excuse was that it was hot weather, sure!

Making final preps for consignment of Makers to Pats Derby party

Just a 'sample' of Makers for the two boys, Do you remember this Dan??

Light weights!! glasses aren't fooling nobody, when your out, your out

THE SHOCKER!! i may even grow that cookie duster again what ever about the hair!