No Easter parade would be complete without a few scoops and this is the evidence to show it.

Mike is not pissed by drink just by me! he didn't like the flash of the camera! So i took three more photos of him!

Siofra took this photo, I wonder is she tryin to tell me something!!

CHEESE!! Thats the style Kieran is out for the night and going a little crazy!!

There seems to be a lot of plottin going on in the corner

Man In Black, you have to agree a photo of this man was well overdue on this site

The three boys have started a band, John will be on lead vocals while Anthony and Bobby will be on guinness

Not so crazy now Kieran!!

An unbelievable opportunity shanes gets to sing with his greatest idol

John eager to get in line for Rocky's. This is where the craic really starts