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23 Feb 07

Happy Friday everybody!! This is just a quick post about nothing in particular, I found a site called its cool enough, its an interactive drawing or sketch pad where anyone can draw whatever they want. Some of the drawings are fantastic you might have to zoom out to get the whole effect.

This is something you'll not see in Ros every night!!

20 Feb 07

I was gonna start this entry with how I'm getting over the weekend, but then I read my last entry I'm starting to get a bit worried about my weekend over-indulgences! Had a very very late night. Yes a very very late night indeed.

The picture above is of the empty streets of Roscommon, you don't often see them empty, but you do when your going home as late as I was. It was a bit like the opening scene from 28 Days Later... Ok well maybe not.

Seen this story on the net today. I don't know if its true but it is crazy to think this can actually happen somebody! I'm just wondering does he have the keys for all of these!

14 Feb 07

Yes gettin back into it now, recovered from the weekend and just listening to a bit of Arcade Fire, they are pretty good I have to say! Have to thank cuz Carol for the cd and wish her all the very best as she is heading out on a trip around the world. You thought I was crazy going to the Kentucky Derby, Carol is starting her trip with the Rio Carnival!! Unusual adventures must run in the family!!

Have to mention Carol's going away bash in the Rooster on Saturday night it was excellent. Sol, Shane and Paul played a seriously fantastic set. I know the picture is bad quality but the atmosphere was just pure quality!.

Ok you have to watch the above videos, the second is just a slow motion of the first but with bionic sound effects! This guy jumps over a bar which is 66 inches up in the air! Think about it, thats 1.8 meters or 5 foot 6 inches, which is the average height of a Japanese man.

09 Feb 07

Bless me father for I have sinned, it has been 9 days since my last update. I could nearly say I have spent less time on the internet this week than any other week in the last 3 years, (except for a week I spent in Kentucky a while back where I wasn't fit to look through a set of spectacles never mind look at a computer screen). Coming home late on a Saturday night seems to set the standard for the rest of the week!

Anyways back to it, first off and foremost remember THIS, the article in the Uncyclopedia about Roscommon? Well its been REMOVED!!! There must have been some disgruntled Rossie somewhere out there!!

MUSIC MUSIC MUSIC! if your into MUSIC and on the web for a while during the day is very very worth while checking out. Its like an online music radio that's tailored to your musical tastes. Enter in a few artists/bands you like then it'll play songs from these artists but also other artists with similar styles of music. In a word CLASS!! I've already got 7 new albums from artists never heard of before I tuned into Last.Fm

Opinions Please! Bebo have launched a thing where they want people to submit ideas for new t-shirts, do ya think I should submit it?? Comments on the GuestBook please!
and sure when i was at that one i couldn't resist doing the one below!!

30 Jan 07

Ok have to say thanks to Richie for this! Got it a while ago so its a bit back dated!. Its a video of a tunnel in Russia, (think of the port tunnel in Dublin!) There is a river flowing over it and it has a few leaks! When the temperature reaches -38 degrees, the above happens. This is only ONE day of footage, CRAZY!

24 Jan 07

Third day in a row of updates, yes something is definitely not right! I've put up nothing but videos lately so time for a change, something local maybe. I presume most of you have heard of Wikipedia? well if not check it out, its an online encyclopedia thats edited by the public. Anybody can just go in and update or add a topic. Its vast, an Everest of knowledge. Here's Roscommons entry. Of course there has to be an opposite of wikipedia which happens to be, believe it or not Roscommon is also in this and no I didn't put it in!

23 Jan 07

My God!!! Finbar has actually updated his site 2 days in a row!! yes crazy I know but when I seen this video I just had to put it up. Nobody can ever knock the SPORT of ping pong after seeing this. There's a certain man out there who should take careful note of this, pick up a few tips, he may need them!!

22 Jan 07

Hello and how is everyone today? I thought I'd start the week with a bit of the Blues in the form of Seasick Steve. This guy is a Ledge, I seen him on Jools Holland during the Christmas and he was playing a 3 string guitar, this time he plays with the full 6, the sound and his voice are class so let it download and turn it up loud!

15 Jan 07

No its just a new beginning......