Welcome to the Dirty South! The following pics were taken as we were taken on a tour around New Orelans by our cab driver "Big E". The tour was excellent although we had only enough time to see around the 9th Quarter. Some of the photos are abit dodgy as i had to take them through the window of the van.

'Nwarlins' as the say in the south! is one crazy place here is a crazy musicans house

To help the musicans which were a hugh part of New Orleans to come back to the city after the destruction of katrina the Housing Authority have built affordable houses the area has become known as the Musicans Village

As in most of these photos houses used to stand in these empty spaces

Brand new house boarded up

The houses above and below were newly built just before Katrina struck nobody has ever lived in them and more than likely never will due to the flood damage

These are just the front house of a hugh estate.

The white wall is the new levee, behind it there used to stand a whole estate of houses, water rose up 22 feet enough to carry over a shipping barge

All thats left of these two houses were the front door steps and the supports they stood on

Half the house was washed away, you can see the new levee in the background

With the levee in the background, most the electricty and telephone poles have been replace but only temporary street signs were put up, there insn't much of a street to name

Not a lot left of this house!

Although there has been a massive clean up operation still half standing houses remain

This house only fell recently, Big E told us that the guy next door was sittin on his porch when he heard creaking, he got up and went across the street as he turned round the house crushed to the ground!

Most houses are still abandonded, during the resue operation the resue teams marked each house stating who searched the house, how many dead cats and dogs were found and how many people died in it. You can see this house had to be searched 3 times

New Orleans is slowly coming back to itself, this is an example of the more fancy houses dotted around the city