hello there those of you looking at this, these are just a few pics of new years night in the station in Roscommon i hope you all enjoy them!! (take note of the excellent html coding and website layout!!) this is going out for the for-rangers out in thailand

heres the man u've all wanted to see Mr Tony Connolly oh and theres Shane

Why one when you can have two he does it with such style

here we go with dumb and dumbass fine looking fellows!!!

heres shane with his Wallace and gromit impersination CHEESE!!

Now james i know u miss this so tommy has a nice creamy one for ya

Kev should deffo cut his hair a Mohawk like your man's might be cool

This is Adrain after 14 pints of the black stuff he just needs a surf board

These next few pics are bordering on pornographic
not sure how Amanda and Ro will feel about this

George seems to be getting alot of attention tonight

Was Kev really that surprized at shanes advances?? ya gota love the hair

Look at these two gentlemens the ladies in red with matching outfits

We all know Kev's ability to take photos of himself but he really out did himself here

I can't say anything about these two men that hasn't been said before!!
they had a pint in each hand said someone has to drink the stuff now that T is gone

Can you spot the odd pout out (say that with a few beers an ya)

Heres Kev and john enjoying a bit of a waltz both with their dancing shoes strapped on tight

trying to sneek a sly one eh George!

Buddy Lee, Beer, and Georgie i think they were half way through a rendition of the 'Lady in Colour'

Mandy and mandy's friend on the prowl

Kev actually posed for this he knows all the good moves

Does Bob think i'm crazy?

Can you spot the couples in this pic?

John is starting to get hungry!!

Here we have one long main street the town is buzzing as you can see

this is the all new Morellis they did it all up, and a man who wanted to say hello to Mike

Rocky's wasn't that packed on New Years it looks like they are saying mass in Jacks
As u can see Davey is out in force with the shades on

Ahh lovely middle bar note the carpet!! Liam is there somewhere too i think