Most of these were taken on the second day of the Octoberfest and they have been edited a great deal, not only because most of the pictures were very very blurry but also because some were just not fit for family viewing!

You know a holiday is going to go well when the person your meeting in the foreign country is dressed like this!

It took an absolute age too get the first drink, so we had to settle for coke. The feed was much quicker coming, they were the nicest half chickens I've ever had!

Finally the BEER arrived

Some very thirsty men! Our first beer of Octoberfest 2006

Kelly eyeing it up, he knows what its all about!

This is John on his 7th, remember these are litres

A German Sausage

Day Two: the first beer was a struggle but we soon got into the swing of things

When I tell people, that everybody at the Octoberfest drinks inside tents, they go like what hell are ya on about tents are tiny... not these ones

Its not possible to have a bad time at Octoberfest!

The hat selling man

Oh look more beer, Kelly looks like he should be commanding a ship!

Simon is serious about the beer!

Kev had the all important job of minding the booze... he liked that job

I don't know what the hell was over there that we were looking at, it could have been anything

Getting bagged, no need to say I was slightly over the limit, John was sound to drive

Enda asleep

Enda asleep again

Is there anywhere he won't sleep?