Part Two of the Shane and Roma Wedding Experience

I was talkin to Shane just before he went for the first dance, he was cool, calm and clueless on how to dance!! not that i'm one to talk (see below)

Shane needed back up out there, no better man, than the best man!

Just a few supps and the two tennors are expressing their vocal ability

Less singing and more drinking and now with friends!

One for my left and and one for my right hand, easy known the bar was closing!

Total dancing, don't think the floor ever had nobody on it the whole night

I know for sure that Gerry never left the floor,

Total dancing all over, there were some shapes thrown on that floor that night

The two tennors winding up for another go, thats a nice red tie.

You don't see these moves too often, its simple just pure skill

Don't really know what to say to this, i suppose its self explanatory

Does Roma know John is in there? Does Shane Know?

Not sure if Shane knows about this either, big hug from a big lamh

Shane feeling the effects of some alcohal, good job Tony is there.

DJ Rob feeling the passion of the dance floor on the decks!