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21 Sep 08

12 July 07

Been a while but....

These will be 100 photos of the Kentucky madness I have put online and they are only going to get crazier and crazier!

28 June 07

Weird or what!!

I was having a look through the stats of my website and I got to the part on how people find my site. The majority just type in the name of the site into the address bar (direct request) and there you go, but some folks use The Google. Why someone was looking for irish charity priests email id guestbook is just weird and why they found my site (8th down) is kinda freaky! Is The Google trying to tell me something?

27 June 07

Getting through them now

Not sure when these were taken! Some are in Pats house and the rest are in an Irish Bar which we went to one of the nights.

22 June 07

Oh yes more of our journey in the wilds of Kentucky

All of these photos bar the first one are taken in Kentucky, which was taken in the Dungeon in New Orleans. The people in the dungeon are the salt of the earth! Kentucky photos are from Jennys Diner, Lynns bedroom and day one and two of the races

17 June 07

Warning the following images contain More Alcohol!

This is the third part of our trip to New Orleans, I'll try and get the updates uploaded a little bit quicker as there are a whole load of them and they are only heating up now!

7 June 07

Warning the following images contain Alcohol!

Here is the second part of our trip to New Orleans, (think there will be about seven altogether after a serious amount of editing and censorship) Also I've got a new gallery for displaying the pictures, If anybody has any problems viewing the pictures let me know (its still in testing!!)

13 May 07

Its only been two months!

Well I've been frightfully busy over the last few weeks (months!) and I've slighty ignored my poor website lately! So its time I put something up here to show I'm still alive! I'll start with a recent trip to New Orleans, Kentucky Derby Revisted pics will be up in a few days! You'll also learn why they call New Orleans "The Dirty South"

Above is a short video of a tour we took with "Big E" on our recent trip to New Orleans. He was a Taxi driver that took us on a great tour around the 9th Quarter in Nwralins. The video dosen't show much of the aftermath but check out the PICTURES

7 Mar 07

Some amount of steel!

On my old website I took a good few photomographs of the fantastic Roscommon town. Mainly the building that was going on around it. I was on the sunday morning walk into town to collect the car last sunday and i realised just how much building is going on especially on the Lanesbourgh road roundabout.

Interesting what you notice when your not whizzing round in your car! The Lanesbourgh roundabout would be on the right of the picture, couldn't get it all in frame or i'd be in a drain in the field behind me! So far all i know is Lidl is deffo in there (kinda obvious when you see the sign!) There are rumors galour as to what/who else is going in. Apparently* theres a Segway factory being built there. says I'm 7% Stupid! How stupid are you? Click Here!

How Stupid are you?

Now for more important news... as you can see from the image there on the right, I'm very smart indeed!! To tell the truth I didn't realise i was this smart! Yes that is a picture of Albert Einstein, but i don't know the hell why its anything to do with me! All I know is I ain't Stoopid Click on the image, fill out the bit of a questionaire to see how stupid you are, be aware some are very tricky!

P.S. IF my site looks a bit out of sorts its because I can't get Internet Explorer to open my site so I can only check it with the excellent Mozilla... sorry!

3 Mar 07

Been a while since my last entry so I may ramble a bit on this one! I had an extreamly busy week and it was pretty good too except for Thursday when I woke up thinking it was Friday and spent the whole day thinking it was Friday I hate when that happens, I didn't have a clue what day Friday was when it was actually friday!

MUSIC MUSIC MUSIC!!! Well I was watching Other Voices think it was Thursday night or it could have been Wednesday! anyways Lisa Hannigan was on it, she's the lady that sings on alot of Damien Rice's songs.
A part of me always wanted to hear her sing on her own without Damien but another part was afraid to hear her. She adds so much to his music and they work so well together, i was afraid that she may not be able to hold her own. Well not only that but i was afraid that her voice would not work so well if it was not harmonising with Damien's.
Also on stage she seemed so timid, shy and sometimes lost that I couldn't imagine her holding the attention of an audience.
BUT FEAR NOT I say, after the performance on Other Voices, excellence is too little a word. Its unfair to compare her to Damien, you can hear the simlarities of course, she's playing with the same members that are in Damien's Band, but my god she is good, very good.
You can watch the Other Voices show with Lisa here

Want beer? Need Octoberfest

Long over due, pictures of Octoberfest 2006!!! Theses image were brought to you by Mr. Pat Southall. You may know him from such episodes as The Kentucky Derby